We are One with the Sea

January 27, 2017

We are born in water. We are mostly water.

Chemically, our own body’s fluids closely match Seawater, these include the salts dissolved in our blood and tissue fluids. Dr. Rene’ Quinton proved this in the 19th century when he transfused a sickly dog’s blood with seawater and the dog miraculously revives. His experiments went on to prove that human white blood cells placed in seawater effectively stimulate cellular activity and improve the function of vital organs within the human body. Seawater contains the body’s perfect balance of minerals and trace elements. Given that ‘like attracts like’ this life supporting sea fluid containing vital minerals and trace elements are a perfect match for every cell function in our human bodies.

Approximately 70% of our body weight is water. Approximately 20% of this water is extracellular water (water on the outside of our cells) and 50% of our body weight is water on the inside of our cells (intracellular water). And we continually lose water through our lungs when we breathe; from our kidneys during urination; from the colon to assist in elimination of waste matter, and from our sweat glands from the largest organ in our body –our skin. By the time we die, we are approximately 50% water!

It is no wonder our skin reflects this lack of water as dehydration. Unfortunately, natural occurring TEWL, or trans-epidermal water loss is the culprit. Some of the precious water needed by the body can magically evaporate from our skin and lead to dehydration. Dehydration on the skin will appear as fine, feathery lines around the eyes and cheeks; wrinkles; dark under eye circles; and redness and sensitivity as a reactive response to a weakened skin barrier function.  Common culprits that also contribute to skin dehydration are alkali soaps, aggressive use of exfoliants; over use of peeling agents; the excessive use of scrub brushes (more that 2-3 times a week), medications, and not protecting our skin from the elements by using a good protective moisturizer/care cream.

2020-11_50J_Crm_PRCollagenCrm_RSPevonia® understands this seawater–skin connection. Pevonia®s source for binding moisture to the skin, while correcting aging concerns is derived naturally from fish i2032-11_50J_Crm_CaviarRepCr_RSn the sea as in Power Repair®’s Marine Collagen Cream which provides superior moisture plumping and moisturizing properties. Rated as Pevonia®’s #1 Cream worldwide, Power Repair® Age-Defying Marine Collagen Cream is recommended for skin 30 years and up. For severely depleted mature skin types that want deep hydration and luxurious reparative results, choose the Myoxy®Caviar Timeless Repair Cream, which contains pure rich black caviar.

These two top selling care creams not only work to make you skin feel soft and smooth, but will help to prevent TEWL; provide moisture binding properties for inner skin plumping while visibly improving lines and wrinkles.

Try a Pevonia® Care Cream and ‘Sea Results’ for yourself!

About the Author

Kim Lee, ND MH

Pevonia Corporate Educator


Earning a Doctor of Naturopath degree, Master Herbalist and beauty license, Kim Lee is a sought out Educator and Consultant in the natural health and beauty industries.  Crediting her proven track record to her synergistic approach of incorporating sales and education, Kim’s hands-on expertise has benefited elite spas, resorts, physicians and wellness centers world-wide. Her experience also includes the conceptualization and development of customized health, fitness, and wellness programs.

Working with prestige accounts, Kim has helped implement signature programs such as WorkFit!; Body, Mind and Baby; Savvy Sales Speak ; Model Teen and most recently, a well-fit menu for fitness clubs. Kim’s belief is that the spa industry is perfectly poised to lead the movement of natural healing of ourselves and our planet.


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