Men’s Lifestyle Solutions for Better Skin

April 19, 2017

While good skincare products are an important part of having great skin, simple lifestyle changes can also enhance skin appearance and conditions.

To Prevent Bacne (Back Acne)

Avoid tight workout clothes that don’t breathe. Instead, wear loose workout clothes with breathable fabrics like cotton; allowing heat to escape and air in. Did you know? Oxygen helps kill bacteria. Shed gym clothes immediately after working out and jump in the shower as soon as possible to remove bacteria and pore clogging oil and sweat.

Launder Today, Keep Acne (and other skin issues) Away

Be sure to wash gym clothes after every workout and bed linens weekly. No exceptions. Even if they smell okay, they harbor yesterday’s sweat, oil and bacteria, which contribute to breakouts. Also, gym clothes and regular clothes pick up pollens, dust mites and pollutants, which can trigger allergies and cause puffy eyes and other allergic tendencies. Also, if you are sensitive, switch to dye-free, scent-free detergent.

Tip: If you use hair conditioner, wash your back afterwards, to remove any of the oils that land on your back when you rinse it off.

Prevent Dryness and Sensitivity (i.e. itchy, pink, tight, flaky skin)

Keep showers lukewarm and no longer than 5-10 minutes. While it may seem that the hotter and longer the better, those long, steamy showers can actually dry out the skin and leave it vulnerable to environmental aggressors, sensitivity and overall dryness.

BYOP (Bring Your Own Products)

Don’t use locker room products as they may contain drying sulfates and pore-clogging mineral oil, not to mention other controversial ingredients that can be counterproductive to calm, youthful looking skin. A sulfate-free gel-based cleanser will keep your skin’s pH in check and preserve your natural oils.

Make Simple Dietary Changes

…and watch your skin quickly respond. Avoid sugar, empty carbs, processed foods and acid-producing foods like coffee and alcohol to prevent inflammation and skin disorders (like breakouts and Rosacea, as well as premature aging).

Enjoy the big game, but limit alcohol, salty chips and nuts as alcohol dehydrates the skin, causing flakes and premature aging, while salt causes eye-puffiness. Choose healthy fats, water-rich foods, antioxidant fruits and vegetables, plus anti-inflammatory foods and spices, lean proteins; all help reduce stress.

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