Healthy Benefits of Drinking Water

September 18, 2017

 “Water, water everywhere, Nor a drop to drink” ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

This rhyme holds true for the areas hit by the recent hurricanes of Irma and Harvey.  An estimated total of 20-25 trillion gallons of water has descended upon Texas due to Harvey. Twenty trillion gallons is equivalent to the biggest waterfall at Niagara Falls, Horseshoe Falls, emptying onto Texas for about nine months, according to Teresa Bonner.  It is clean water that becomes a vital necessity in hurricane relief efforts to provide healthy drinkable water to all people for their survival.

Why? Water makes up most of our bodies–about 50-60% of our total body weight. Over 60% of your body is made up of water, over 70% of your brain is made up of water and 80% of your blood is made up of water. Water is necessary for life!

Did you know? We can live without food for about a 40 days, without air for about 6 minutes and without water for only 6 days! Water is necessary to remove waste from our bodies by flushing out toxins; water is needed to process food into energy, and water is required to maintain healthy cells in the transport of oxygen and nutrients for cellular function.

Dehydration and Your Health

A lack of water or dehydration contributes to our emotional health. Not consuming adequate amounts of water creates symptoms of fatigue, headaches, depression, and mental confusion. Remember…70% of your brain is made up of water!

Dehydration in our skin occurs when our skin’s natural barrier function is not performing optimally. Our skin produces a natural, protective barrier, or a ‘film’, that protects our skin from water evaporation, called TEWL or Trans Epidermal Water Loss.  This ‘Film’ is manufactured in the body from our eccrine glands (sweat glands) and sebaceous glands (sebum); responsible for protecting our skin from foreign matters and preventing excessive dehydration of the skin tissues. The excessive use of alkaline soaps, low AHA cleansers, over exfoliating and aggressive peeling agents can contribute to the skin’s water loss, causing dehydration.

Maintain A Youthful Appearance

Water is essential and vitally important for a youthful appearance in the world of skincare. As we get older our cells weaken and lose the ability to hold water. Other damaging contributors include body aging, a decrease in the exchange of nutrients from the dermis to the epidermis, a slower, sluggish stem cell production, diet, stress, sun exposure and pollution. This loss of water continues as we age, where we were 80% water at birth, we are now 50% water at death.

The Pevonia Difference

Pevonia® understands the importance of water in skincare. Pevonia uses only Pharmaceutical grade water for all emulsion bases. Combined with our tri-phase technology, our advanced delivery creams contain an additional water molecule for extra hydration with long-lasting benefits. Most skincare creams use simple emulsions which include 1 part water + 1 part oil, Pevonia formulas are water + oil + water or ‘WOW’ formulas. Not only do these W.O.W creams provide optimum delivery of skin-repairing actives, but they leave the skin with a velvety texture which helps protect the skin from dryness.

How To Select Drinking Water

Consider the type of water that you drink, and how it may or may not benefit your health:

  • Artesian Water: Artesian waters come from an artesian well…found deep within the earth. This water is buried deep within the earth between compressed rocks it is protected from exposure to environmental toxins. Artesian water primarily contains earth minerals and electrolytes (sodium & potassium) which balance our body’s chemistry
  • Spring Water: Derived from underground springs that are not as deep or rock protected as artesian water. Spring water depends on the quality of the ground and spring it is extracted from and may come in contact with acid rain, ground contaminants, chemicals and toxins from factories and pesticides used in farming.
  • Purified Water: Many brands of purified water may simply be common tap water that has undergone a purification process to remove all minerals and contaminants. Purified water may not deliver necessary nutrients but rather flush beneficial minerals from the body.
  • Alkaline Water: The body functions best within an alkaline environment. Unfortunately, much of the American diet produces acidic by-products. A diet full of coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol, meat, sugars and processed foods is extremely acidic to the body. Even emotional and physical stress contributes to the acidic buildup in our bodies. The best way to counteract acidosis is by eating 80% of alkaline producing foods. Alkaline foods balance the blood pH, which inhibits disease. These type of foods include raw fruits, dark leafy greens, and vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds. Alkaline water can restore the alkaline-acidic balance. Alkaline water can be found pre-bottled or by adding alkaline drops to water. Check out for more information.

Tips To Improve Your Water Consumption

  1. Invest in a good travel water bottle and have it available at all times (driving, working-out, walking the dog, etc.)
  2. Add lemon to your water. Lemons are alkalizing (not acidic!) and add a clean taste to your water.
  3. Invest in a good water filter to ensure your water is always safe & pure.

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About the AuthorKim Lee, ND MH

Pevonia Corporate Educator

Earning a Doctor of Naturopath degree, Master Herbalist, and beauty license, Kim Lee is a sought out Educator and Consultant in the natural health and beauty industries.  Crediting her proven track record to her synergistic approach of incorporating sales and education, Kim’s hands-on expertise has benefited elite spas, resorts, physicians and wellness centers worldwide. Her experience also includes the conceptualization and development of customized health, fitness, and wellness programs.

Working with prestige accounts, Kim has helped implement signature programs such as WorkFit!; Body, Mind and Baby; Savvy Sales Speak; Model Teen and most recently, a well-fit menu for fitness clubs. Kim’s belief is that the spa industry is perfectly poised to lead the movement of natural healing of ourselves and our planet.

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