Generational Skincare: Part 2

May 10, 2017

Pevonia®’s Generational Skincare Approach

Answering The Needs of Your Skin In Your 40’s & 50’s

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 Forty-Something Skin

Did someone just say I look like my ‘Mother?’  That is a complicated compliment. I do look like my Mother, but my Mom is well… older!  We can’t escape our genes. And skin is genetic. We are born with a specific amount of skin stem cells. These skin cell factories are continually stimulating new, plumper, better cells to repair our skin and to stimulate collagen production. However, in your 40’s these stem cells are often working in overtime. Every time you exfoliate your skin, stem cells have to put in more hours. And our collagen loss is now 20%, due to slower fibroblast production. It’s so exhausting that your stem cells are staging a sit in. Pevonia®’s Stem Cells Phyto-Elite®  product collection offers your skin stem cells a stimulus package. Better productivity for them, and visible benefits for you.

Pevonia®’s Stem Cells Phyto-Elite® Collection contains two stem cell complexes. Comfrey root for epidermal stem cells, stimulating keratinocyte repair and Argan Tree stem cells for stimulating collagen producing dermal fibroblasts

Fifty -Something Skin

You may still have great bone structure… but the plump padding that softened your features has diminished and shifted. We are losing water too…yikes! We are born with about 80% water but as  our body’s cells age they lose the ability to hold water. Aging causes us to slowly lose water, as cells cannot hold enough water content due to intrinsic degeneration and breakdown. Another key factor is that our blood vessels which transport nutrients, oxygen, and water begin to weaken allowing water to seep through tiny holes that form in the vessel walls. The loss of this water accumulates outside of the vessels in compartments that makes our skin and body appear bloated and swollen. In the case of cellulite…this lost water, combined with aged damaged skin cells and connective tissue allow the buoyant fat cells to push upwards into the frailer, weakened dermis which explains cellulite’s ‘bubbled’ look to the skin.

What can you do? Hydrate by choosing a better drinking water. Tap water and bottled water contain large molecules which are difficult for the body’s cells to absorb. Also, alkaline water contains electrolytes or minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium) to maintain fluid balance, plus its molecules are smaller for better cell absorption which improves chronic dehydration.

Also, try Pevonia®’s Stem Cells Phyto-Elite® Intensive Body Corrector to deeply hydrate the skin from within, and contain fat busting ingredients to reduce cellulite.

About the AuthorKim Lee, ND MH

Pevonia Corporate Educator

Earning a Doctor of Naturopath degree, Master Herbalist and beauty license, Kim Lee is a sought out Educator and Consultant in the natural health and beauty industries.  Crediting her proven track record to her synergistic approach of incorporating sales and education, Kim’s hands-on expertise has benefited elite spas, resorts, physicians and wellness centers world-wide. Her experience also includes the conceptualization and development of customized health, fitness, and wellness programs.

Working with prestige accounts, Kim has helped implement signature programs such as WorkFit!; Body, Mind and Baby; Savvy Sales Speak ; Model Teen and most recently, a well-fit menu for fitness clubs. Kim’s belief is that the spa industry is perfectly poised to lead the movement of natural healing of ourselves and our planet.

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