Bacne In Men

January 8, 2017

While most acne sufferers experience breakouts on the face, neck, chest and shoulders, men are more prone to breakouts on the upper shoulders, middle and upper back area. This back acne, often referred to as “bacne,” like regular acne, is an inflammatory disease of the skin caused by genetics. Of course, men’s higher testosterone levels, number of oil glands and oil production, combined with thicker skin, perspiration, body hair, heat, restrictive clothing [and steroid use] play a role as well.

Fact: Since acne in males is not primarily hormonally driven, it responds quite well to conventional treatment. Unfortunately, lack of compliance in males causes more Clarigel Exfoliating Cleanserinflammation, scarring and dark spots.

SpaTeen Blemished Skin CleanserLuckily, acne “ages out” for most male adults, although the reason is still unknown. Until then, there are a few quick and easy things men can do to minimize back breakouts and embarrassment about taking off their shirts.

We suggest for men to hit the shower immediately after exercise or sweating. They should cleanse their back with a natural salicylic acid-based acne cleanser. Daily use of Pevonia’s Clarigel Exfoliating Cleanser or SpaTeen® Blemished Skin Cleanser effectively control “bacne” by eliminating dead skin buildup, excess oil and bacteria. (Bonus: These products will also help provide a closer shave, too. Tip: Rinse well before shaving.)

Spot TreatmentAfter toweling off, men are encouraged to apply a natural benzoyl peroxide-based product directly to spots. This will kill bacteria and help slough off dead skin. The Spot Treatment and SpaTeen® Blemish-B-Gone are fan-favorites for controlling acne.blemish-be-gone

We suggest washing gym clothes after every use and bed linens once a week to eliminate sweat, perspiration and debris from coming into contact with skin. Managing stress and staying clear of refined carbohydrates, sugars, trans-fats and coffee are helpful when fighting acne and bacne.

For continuing results, men should schedule a back treatment with a Pevonia provider to help prevent those telltale acne marks. Lastly, see An Acne-Free Lifestyle and Acne Solutions to learn more about treating acne.

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